(x) Display sans in GQ Dec 2005 - Medina Gothic {Christian}

I need serious help identifying this face which appeared in the Dec. '05 issue of GQ. I'm an art director and I need to quickly change the sans serif face for our magazine. Any help would be appreciated. I've attached a larger sample.



A commercially available match may be impossible. GQ is known for commissioning proprietary type. Consider ITC Bailey (similar proporitions) or Torus (angled stroke endings).

You're probably right. I've run into a wall before with them, but since their primary font is Titling Gothic FB (which was exclusive but is no longer), and the current issue uses Omnes in the feature section which isn't proprietary I'm hoping this mystery font is not. Especially since I've not seen this font in GQ the past 3 issues.

It's certainly subjective, but I think Omnes is a much better face than the one you're seeking. Can you tell me what you like about it?

I like Omnes, but I work for a city magazine with a wide array of subject matter ranging from Top Doctor listings to Fashion to Real Estate to Restaurant listings to in-depth personal stories. I'm not confident in the fonts flexibility and range although I'm still considering it at this point.

I do like how Cubanica was used in GQ (THANK YOU MRSHWARTZ). I wanted to test it before deciding if it works for me, but I feel its closer to a classic gothic, but with unique features built to distinguish it. It also has a subltle retro feel.

I plan to test a few san serifs in my evaluation. I'm testing Foundry Monoline and Titling Gothic FB in addition to Omnes and Cubanica.

Thanks for the help.

It's Medina Gothic by Pablo Medina. I wasn't crazy about it in GQ but really liked it in the signage for the Pixar show at the MoMA.

Keith, as one magazine AD to another, don't you think you'll need italics, which Medina doesn't have? Or are you considering it for display purposes only?

Regarding GQ, I'm impressed with how Fred Woodward & Co. manage to give the magazine a consistent voice while practically redesigning every issue.

Excellent point. That does pose a problem. If I used It, it would definetly be limited to display without an italic option.

Fred did that frequently at Rolling Stone and made it work. The guy is good.

"flexibility and range"
"classic gothic, but with unique features built to distinguish it. It also has a subltle retro feel"

FF Hydra Text

I purchased Hydra a week ago, but was disappointed how it set. I do have a copy of Stainless and it does set well. I'll reconsider it and look more closely at Maple.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Hi Keith, if you know what you're looking for, it always helps to do a search. We've had several inquiries about GQ already, and Googling "GQ" while restricting your search to "site:typophile.com" yields these results. Check the November, 18 thread at the very top of the list. ;^)

Great tip! Thanks.

Amazing! This font is very similar and has an italic. Good show!

This is very close as well with a nice range. I'm beginning to hit type overload. I wish I had unlimited funds to play with them all.

Thanks for the suggestion Chris.

Speaking of Titling Gothic, I see that it's starting to creep on to the covers and into the feature well of Entertainment Weekly. Bureau Grotesque still rules the departments, though.

FF Bau might have the classic gothic, retro feel you're after:


The Super weight makes me smile.

What's everyone's general opinion of Apex New? --- at vllg.com

Lots better than Apex Sans. It proves my theory that -- once the system you devised starts working against you -- better chuck the system outta the window.