(x) serif face on Oxford University Press world classics series covers - Pegasus {Mike Y}

I need to know the name of this font, which is used by Oxford University Press for the covers of their world classics series (See Image). Thanks in advance for your help.


Mercury Display from H&FJ?

I think not. key glyphs are the lower and uppercase o (cut details in the counter) and the terminals of e and the spur of the b seem somewhat Gill-esque, though the rest of the glyphs don't seem to be Gill's style, I would say that it is from this period. Also note the peculiar junction on the lowercase k.

Jumped the gun on this one. I'm sure I've spotted this elsewhere, the lc a and o is pretty distinctive. I'll keep trying. :^)

I'm pretty sure this is Pegasus Roman which was done by Matthew Carter first in 1982, and then added the Bold under commission from Oxford University Press in 1997.

- Mike Yanega

In the book 'The Art of Matthew Carter' there is a sample of his version of Wolpe's 'Pegasus'. It matches the posted samples exactly. I could scan it and post it on a page on my site, if you give me a few minutes.

- Mike Yanega

You're right Mike. This is Pegasus.

Here is my page showing the scan from the book.

- Mike Yanega

Many thanks guys.