advice on combining lining and os figures

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I need to set an academic manuscript in Latex. In addition to the typefaces provided by latex, sabon and albertina are also available. The text contains some dates and figures in the body text, but not too many. On the other hand, it contains about a thousand legal footnotes which all contain numbers, e.g.:

120. Compare 23 US 1380 (1974); (2004) 69 Harv. L.J. 28 at 65 (text)

My question is this: oldstyle figures blend well with the text, but not with the footnote text because of the many capital letters. So what style figures to use? Oldstyle for the main text and lining for footnotes? Lining for both?

what's your advice?

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Try both ways and see what you think! A third possibility would be to use lining figures only in the legal citations, leaving osfs for the dates and footnote indices, like this: (bold=lining)

120. Compare 23 US 1380 (1974); (2004) 69 Harv. L.J. 28 at 65

(by the way, though, this method would drive the production people insane. )

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I AM the production people!

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hehe well try the systems you think make sense, then decide how badly you want not to apply character styles over and over again.

(Nested styles could get the indices as osfs and the rest of the footnotes as lining)

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