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I am developing a typeface which is based on a set of old woodcut letters I have from Australia circa 1940? Anyway, This is the first posting any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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I don’t see it...

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Sorry the image is so big - I couldn;t upload PDF File.

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Nice one.
A few comments:

R: The upper part seems odd/too squarish.
S,O,C, etc.: Your rounded letters definetely need more overshoot, if there's any at all yet?
S: seems much more rounded at the sides compared to C,O, G which have long vertical/straight sides…
A: could do with a bit opening up of the inner white space
Q: very nice, but i'd think about an alternative because it's going to be the only letter with a descender, and – presuming it's caps only – a designer would most likely want to use your face with very little line spacing, but if a line contains a Q you're in for a surprise, as your picture already illustrates. I'd think about a Q form without a Descender, which might be a hard nut to crack – maybe you could try somethiung inside the white space of the Q. And you could still have your version above supplied as an alternative. Honestly, I as a graphic designer, would want to use that one as tight as it gets both horizontally and vertically.
All in my very humble opinion of course.

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I think your horizontal strokes are a bit to heavy

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I think that you could try to improve the overshoots of the rounded structures. Without this optical adjusts they looks like a little smaller than the other letters. See the letter "G" in the word "ZINGER" for example.

Anyway, nice forms!


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Thanks guys for your comments. The original letterforms are actually all common sizes and circular forms have squarer edges (see attached). I may supply the Squarer S as an alernate letter along with a few others.I totally understand with the overshoot fo the rounder letters and will look to improve this in my next progression. Nice comment on the Q Franz, I realise when I typeset it exactly the same problem - it looks good as a letterform on its own, but not when typeset.


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Hey Jace. Looks good and agree with most comments.
R: Appears a little flat/squashed in the bowl. As with the B too.
Z: Perhaps the leading stroke could be shorter so the fella doesn't look like he's going to topple.
I like squid juice.

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