(x) Toskanabrot - Favrile (François) {Nick Cooke}

can you help me identify this font?

Thanks J.F.


I'd like to go on record as saying I hope that not being able to find it will be a good enough excuse to switch to something else.
: )

Looks like some modified version of ITC Fenice

I understand your reaction, Dennis, but I don't share your opinion. :^)

This looks like something Frantisek Storm might've designed -- anybody feels like searching his collection at the Storm Type Foundry?

It reminds me of Tyfa, but it's not.

How old is the sample? Maybe it's Tyfa in metal...?

> This looks like something Frantisek Storm might’ve designed

I'd like to think Franta wouldn't go there. I've admired his work for a long time.
: )

There's things about these letters that don't look right together. That 'b' looks like an upside-down 'q' more than any 'b' I know, and the 'k' is strongly similar to mutilated Galliard. Speaking of mutilated, look at the 'T'.

It's like a font -Frankenstein's monster, maybe like a student's joke font project. The letters don't even seem to have a common baseline, or are my eyes just bleary this late in the day?

Jan, do you have samples of any more letters? Can you tell us the age or origin of the source for this sample?

- Mike Yanega

Frantisek's monster.

I agree with Dennis and Mike that this is some sort of bastard hybrid font. That 'k' is something only a mother could love.

It was my first quess, that it´s something from storm type. I have searched throught his fonts, but without success. Actually it could be somewhere from these lands, because I´m from Slovakia, althought the titles are in german (or Austrian?).
I know the font is similar to Serapion http://www.stormtype.com/serap.html , or Jannon http://www.stormtype.com/jannon.html or Tyfa http://www.stormtype.com/tyfa.html , but the letter "a" is different in all three cases.

Maybe theese original samples will help.

Thank you for your time.

The new samples don't look as hideous. I thought you were maybe pulling our legs (slang phrase meaning having a joke at our expense).
Or possibly the creator hadn't taken his medications, or took too many of some that were not needed.
: )

You might e-mail Storm Type. My impression is that he does not have a big ego, and is very genuine, friendly and generous.

Once again I find myself wishing someone knew of a good book of Eastern European type specimens. This is like a wall we keep running into. My only resource is the Jaspert book, and it's just not very current.

Thanks Jan for the added samples. That makes this more credible as a font, for sure, but I think we may be exposing our weakness in Eastern European type. Maybe Franta would be helpful to ask, as Dennis suggested.

- Mike Yanega

I have just sent one of these samples to Peter Bil'ak to see if he recognizes it.

- Mike Yanega

I think it's Favrile

Nick Cooke

That's it! You nailed it Nick. It's shown in 'Modern Encyclopedia of Typefaces' by Lawrence Wallis. The typeface was designed by Tom Carnase, and there is a digital version from NovelFonts, called 'Fascinate' (Roman & Italic, one weight only)

- Mike Yanega

Does it have the same screwy "T"?
The only reference I could find was here:


And this "T" is much more pleasant to look at.

Yes, the T is the same in the sample shown in the book. It's not obvious until you look very closely at it.

- Mike Yanega

Thank you, and excuse me the first sample. I´ve edit it for "whatthefont" on myfonts. I´ve mailed with frantisek, it´s not his font.

It´s Francois bold - http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/forum/viewthread.php?threadid=13082

Thanks to everybody

I love typophile

Well, it looks like we've learned another 'alias name' for a digital version of WTC Favrile.. That one comes in four weights, for both Roman and Italic, just like the orginal typeface.

- Mike Yanega