Thank you for smoking

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I just came across the opening title sequence for “Thank you for smoking” and I thought it was pretty well typographically executed.
Here’s the opening sequence:

And here’s the trailer:

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Ooh, that's great! I designed a book awhile ago on cigarette packaging design, called "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" so have a real appreciation for the brilliance of some of the packs

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nice! thanks for the link!

i'm glad there are still directors out there that care about the opening credits sequence. long gone are the good old days of Saul Bass and the like, but at least we still get a few of these nuggets each year.

another recent great opening title sequence was in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, which had a very Catch Me If You Can meets Saul Bass-esque quality to it, while still being unique enough to be something of it's own. check it out here.

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That Kiss Kiss Bang Bang sequence is wonderful too.

Another good one is the TV show Medium - unfortunately can't find it on the web easily (try googling "medium" and you'll see what I mean). But it's beautiful, plays with Rorschach images.

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I designed a book awhile ago on cigarette packaging design, called “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”

hey patti i have that book and it is very cool! kudos to you!

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"Walk on the Wildside" is still my all time favorite.


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I have that book, too, Patricia, and I love it, even though I don't smoke. :-)

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Thanks, y'all. It was a really fun book to design.

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Ooohhhhhh I was so excited for this movie. This is one of my favorite novels. One of my high school teachers knew Chris Buckley personally, and every year, after he made us read the book, would get the class artist (guess who it was my year?) make him a poster. So I like to think that somewhere in his house is a very creative cigarette (I rolled mine up, clever clever).

We almost crossed paths again when Mr. Buckley was the guest on the Colbert Report when I saw it taped a couple of weeks ago.

However, the movie was a bit of a letdown for me (aside from the titles), only because I knew the book so well. The person I saw it with assured me that it was enjoyable and they hadn't read the book, but I urge you all to do so. It's much more... I won't say because I don't want to spoil anything, but the book is excellent.

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. Love the titles. I bet whoever made them had fun.

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Nice work, Stephen. Reminds me of that time we sat together trying to ID the type for "Catch me if you can" in the theater. ehe.

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Stephen, great job!
That "William H. Macy", isn't it Foundry Form?


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Nah. Not that you can tell from The Foundry's lousy sample, but Foundry Form is much less chirographic. I guess that's why you like it?

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Actually, I like it because it reminds me of Patria. :-)


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i think i've seen that David O. Sacks font before, and i'm pretty sure it's a free font.

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I had that inkling too, claes. Tried the "Russian" category at Dafont and no dice.

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Stephen, I must say you have a LOT of time on your hands! Impressive IDing tho.

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Actually, I'm using time I don't have. But it wasn't so consuming. Photoshop batching and Ecto help. And most of the IDs were in my head.

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Stewf, I'm surprised you didn't recognise Charlotte Book. On the whole a mighty impressive display of your uncanny ID skillz, sensei.

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The title sequence is great, I loved it when I first saw it. And on a side note, as lame as Eurotrip might be as a movie I liked the way they did their opening titles as well.

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The David Sacks font (which I really like), I believe I saw a specimin in the book ABZ. Yup. Page 173. Otherwise known as Aragon.

Nice work Stephen. Good use of billable hours ;)

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Lets work on nailing down that "mindy marin" font...
(Unless someone already did and i missed it)
At First Glance i thought it might be:

I was wrong! What could it be

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Love the thread. My boyfriend always moans and groans when I won't shut up about which typefaces they're using in opening titles; this film was no exception.

Question: Any thoughts on how they achieved the wonderful look of flexographic printing? Surely they didn't actually print these and then scan them in. Some sort of Photoshop filter? Any ideas? I'd love to be able to replicate the look.

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Used judiciously, Machine Wash Filters could do some of the work for you. However, I'm not sure if they have a flexo filter.

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My boyfriend always moans and groans...

I hope you sit in the back row :-)

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> Used judiciously, Machine Wash Filters could do some of the work for you.
> However, I’m not sure if they have a flexo filter.

Isn't Stuart Mr. Retro? He would know.

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Yep! Looks like our Machine Wash Volume 2 would do the trick for you!


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BTW, "Mandy Marin" is Corvinus Skyline

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Close, but not quite.

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