(x) chrome-looking typeface - Quicksilver {Lex}

I know this ones really easy, i just cant remember the name. I went searching for it thinking it was called hot dog but that didn't return the right one...

Used to hate this font, I guess it's gone so bad it's cool again :)


Funny, today I stumbled upon a font I knew existed a long while ago - but remembered this thread. So because the font Quicksilver digitally is difficult to come by if at all, I found Neon Lights http://www.dafont.com/neon-lights.font?text=PMC -- and thought I'd update this thread if someone else was in need of help trying to find a font to match.

Xen, we need a sample or a link.

Sorry, i browsed for it, just forgot this forum doesn't upload automatically when posting :)

Quicksilver. Finding the link.

- Lex

thanks lex

No problem.

Oh, and the "hot dog" font you were thinking of is probably Frankfurter which has a highlighted version that looks similar to Quicksilver.

- Lex