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Hi There. First time post.

I'm looking for the variant of Futura that IKEA is currently using. The closest one I have found is Elsner+Flake Futura New (which I can't even find for purchase anywhere, but did find on Identifont).

It's similar to that, and EF Futura 6 Heavy, with some differences. In general, the differences that I have noted between most versions of Futura and the IKEA 2005 catalog version (Heavy/Bold weight) are:

In the IKEA version...

$ has line through entire glyph
S and $ shaped more like S from Avenir
j curved *unlike* E+F New, but *like* most editions of Futura
1 has angled serif
M and W have flat spurs
, " are rounded
e has angled tail even in Bold weight
m and n are slightly less "symmetrical"

Any thoughts would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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Maybe it's a customized Futura, used only by IKEA? As in, you can't buy it.

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Definitely a properity typeface, it's mentioned here that Robin Nicholas (Arial) designed "weights of a geometric sans face" specially for IKEA, I guess that was Futura.

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sigh...I always pictured you guys to be cooler looking than that guy. :-P

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Damn straight. ;^)

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Yep, it's called IKEA Sans. From their PDF catalogue:

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"IKEA Sans" is a corporate typeface that was designed for IKEA by Stockholm Design Lab in 2000 to better meet the demands of packaging design and signage, than the previously used "Futura" typeface. It was later implemented on all communication for IKEA.

Type specimens:

Lars, Stockholm Design Lab

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