typographic Dedham MA

from my mum's High School diploma. 1936


dad's intermediate diploma from Boston...

Beautiful, Vince! Have all the calligraphers died out?

gotta love those strange "crosses" on thos t's!

Paul, I hope you are thinking what I'm thinking about that t.

oh yes, you'll see more of that later on this week. :^P

Good man!

You should see the 'M' from my mother's 'Letter' in Baseketball!!! I'll have to post that sometime. A 'letter' is an old American school thing when you have played s high school sport at the highest level they gave you a certificate and a felt letter like a 'D' for Dedham high. When I graduated I got 2 letters one in 'soccer' and one in 'baseball' but all we got was some bad certificate and a tshirt and a light jacket for 2 sports,