(x) Munich movie credits - House Chalet {Yves}

A pretty standard yet unusual sansserif font was used on Spielberg's movie about the aftermath of the 1972 Olympic games.
Anyone knows what it is? I am looking for the font actually used in the film's title's, not on the poster.
- I have tried attaching a small gif or jpg many times but it doesn't work. Anyone interested, please have a look at the trailers here, the font is shown at the end: http://www.moviemaze.de/media/trailer/2179/muenchen.html

Thanks my dears.


You would need Flash 8 to successfullly upload images, on Typophile.

( Sorry, but, I am not currently able, nor willing :), to download a 15 mb file, just to see a sample of a typeface, at the end of a trailer. )

You could still upload your image at / to a free image hosting site, like imageshack.us, and just link to the hosted file. ( Its easy, just one or two clicks and the site will supply you with a link. )

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otherwhise, use www.imageshack.us and link to the image here.

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I think it's Akzidenz-Grotesk


Just in case more people want to have a look at this, I have attached the screenshots in question:

I don't think it's Akzidenz-Grotesk, which has a straight leg on R.

First one is Arial Medium (ouch), second one is most probably House Chalet Paris 1960.

Yves, maybe... don't the terminals on G and C look angled to you? Chalet seems to have flat terminals, maybe it's just the pixel fairies.

... or London 1960. O:^)

Sorry guys,
I'm sorry about not being able to upload the file; I have tried a great many number of times, it just wouldn't work this time for some reason. This morning, however, it works fine.
Anyway- in response to all above:
The first sample of MÜNCHEN as posted above is not original, it looks different in the original english version of MUNICH. So if that posted sample is the abominable Arial, it certainly is not what MUNICH used, and NOT what I am looking for.
It certainly is not Akzidenz Grotesk, but you might be right with Chalet - and I am surprised, as the lower cases of this font are very ugly. Uppercase seems to work really well:

Yves is right, it IS House Industries' Chalet London 1960. I don't think the lowercase is that bad. :^)