Suomi Sans

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This is one of four fonts/families I'm currently working on. There are Suomi Script, Serif and Slab Serif.
This one is a fairly narrow font with a hint of calligraphic forms attached for a bit of character. I have finished the Roman and Italics ranges, and currently working with the Small Caps, OSF, and some OT features…

What do you think?

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Nice work.
Two pence from me though:

In my opinion (and going by what i can make out of the image supplied), for the sake of consistency, it would be worth a try to have that calligraphic, "broken" stroke also on lc u, n, m, etc, in the same vein as it is featured in s and o.

the second thing is that your weights appear smaller with increasing weight (which is a known phenomenon), for my liking you should increase your x-height a bit with each weight compared to the respective lighter one, to compensate for that effect (I assume that all your weights share an identical x-height?).

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Thank you very much for the insights.

And sorry about the limited sample; I seem to have some problems uploading attachemts…

In fact I have a logic (of sorts) to the "broken" strokes: they are on the upper left, and lower right, to follow the nib of a pen. th lc u, n etc. are cut before the intake.

On the second thing you are right; I haven't incerased the x-height. I should do that to compensate the mass of the glyphs. Thanks.

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Kiva! Looks like if it's quite unique! But sinun täytyisi näyttää enemmän! Terveisiä Berliinistä!

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