(x) Judy Garland World's Greatest Entertainer poster - (similar to) Titling Gothic {Judy G}

hey everybody, i saw the post about gay type earlier and one of the posters mentioned judy garland, who is also a favorite of mine as well. can anybody tell me what this font is that they used on her classic poster from the show at CARNEGIE HALL?

i hope i figured out how to post the image right.

i found a few fonts that are pretty close, but nothing that has the right spirit! i think "IN PERSON" might be rounded, but sorry it's hard to tell from the image. thanks everybody, this is my first time wth a request like this and it's great to see how helpful you are to amateurs like me!!!


IN PERSON: There were very few rounded fonts used then. That's probably the bleeding ink of something like Futura Extra Bold. Futura or Tempo is used for the other small type.

The big wide stuff can be emulated with Font Bureau's newly released Titling Gothic or Rhode Extended, or ITC Blair.

> (..) it’s great to see how helpful you are to amateurs like me!!!

Hey, we're all amateurs here, but us regulars are just a little more adept at hiding it than others. :^P

In Person reminds me of Joshua Darden’s excellent Omnes. I know its Futura, but I want to believe its Omnes. I so love that face. Has anyone seen Corundum Text? Its great. Love to see someone mix the two of them

Man, that "G" in "GARLAND" reminds me of some sports team logo, but I can't think of which one...

"...that “G” in “GARLAND” reminds me of some sports team logo,"

Duhhh! Greenbay Packers dude!!! :-)


I must admit I'm not much of a sports dude, but I hear they're the best right?

Not to some of the Steeler and Seahawk fans around here :-)


Speaking of gay: On June 14 at Carnegie Hall, Rufus Wainwright (along with a 40-person orchestra) will be recreating Judy Garland's famous 1961 performance.


I've seen (but can't find a link to) posters for the event in the style of the original Judy Garland poster. Wonder what type they used to recreate the look?

Um, thanks JudyG. Back from the dead to lend typographic advice I guess.

Anything to support the great mister Darden.

thanks so much guys! except for dezcom, what does football have to do with this? i had to google the "packers" to see what you were talking about? only americans would wear so much padding to play rugby and i have no idea why you think football is a good name for it.

anyway i will get that titling gothic right away, it's not perfect but it's really really close and i think i may use omnes too just beacuse i like it. i'm copying this poster to make invitations for my best friend's 40th birthday party because he's a huge fan, but i don't think he'll notice if the type isn't a perfect match. thanks judy g! i see you're an even bigger fan than my best friend!

Sorry Nigella, I was just responding to Chris Keegan's question: "Man, that “G” in “GARLAND” reminds me of some sports team logo"

Sorry to send you into a Google frenzy :-)

By the way, do they play Rugby on a rug? Seems like the name would be better as Grassby :-)


"By the way, do they play Rugby on a rug? Seems like the name would be better as Grassby "

give me a break.