babies font

hi guys, I wonder if this is a font or a custom draw letters. Would you suggest me some similar fonts?

thanks in advnace


Thank you very much

thank you very much...-ขอบคุณค่ะ

I can't see your sample. Try reformatting your image.

Í just can´t upload my image. it says : "File copy failed: no directory configured, or it could not be accessed"

what does that means?

here´s the image

The two "B"s are different, so I guess it's custom drawn.

I'm pretty sure the B's are identical, but as far as knowing the font; sorry.

>I’m pretty sure the B’s are identical,

No, one is pink and one is green ;-)

Lotta comedians around ;)

If you can use something close, one that comes to mind is ITC Jellybaby.The lower csae 'i' is the same height as the uppercase letters, so that works too. I'm still looking for a better match.

- Mike Yanega

Galapagos Robusto could also be used this way, though the stems are not quite as curved. Still looking...

- Mike Yanega

'Popcorn' (6th one down the page) from Signfonts is stylistically the closest I have found so far.

- Mike Yanega

> No, one is pink and one is green ;-)


thanks to all for your suggestions! I apreciated them