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(x) George Harrison "All Things Must Pass" album cover - Abbott Old Style {Patricia}

Hand drawn? If so, anything similar?


I recall the design (when the orignal album came out) and I've seen the face before as well, but I'm not near my old pre-digital type books at the moment.

Abbott Old Style

Renamed "Abbey Road" and rejigged (note the R) here


Yep, it's not hand-drawn. It also appears on this album cover, but I'll have to go through a couple of old books to see if I can spot it -- I just can't recall the name of the typeface.

Oops! Thanks Patty! I guess we posted at the same time! :-)

Found on page one (Abb...) of one of those old type books.


Patty... you're FAB!
Patty in the skyyyyyy with diamonds... cooocooocachoo!

Abbey Road is the first album I remember listening to as a kid. I still have my parents old scratched LP. Can't bear to part with it.

Old LPs should never be parted with, scratches or no. :-)