(x) Cargo Magazine cover headline face - ESPN Gothic {Siung Tjia}

I'm searching for the name of the typeface used for the coverlines (NOT the logo) on the latest isssue of Cargo Magazine. Thanks!


edit: nevermind.

Claes, did you submit but then edited it? C'mon. Leave your suggestion up, it might help find the actual face. :^)

i identified the logo typeface and then noticed that wasn't what was asked for.. so i edited it out to not look like a fool. (;

Oh, but we all often look like fools, so don't worry'boutthat. It won't be the first time one of us jumped the gun and only bothered to read the actual request afterwards.

Alpha Headline, innit? I almost posted that as well. ;^)

The first thing I went looking for was René Verkaart's Nordic. Quite different though.

Alpha Headline indeed.. but the designer's website says it's exclusive to Mitsubishi? Or maybe these Cargo people got ahold of it before Mitsubishi exclusified it?


Indeed looks like it. Bottom line -- custom typeface, unavailable to the general public.

Then again, how was Cargo able to use it? Hmmm...