(x) "Polyparty" Bauhaus geometric sans - Bernebeats {Tiff}

i've seen this font... the 'a' is quite typical i believe...


The general style of this typeface is indeed quite typical -- the Bauhaus geometric sans -- but I think this is either customised (or custom designed).

This is one of Mike's specialties. I'm guessing he is looking right now.
: )

Blippo, but messed up

If you're only looking at the "a" then check out these comparisons between Blippo, Pump and ITC Bauhaus on a similar ID thread.

how about this one (ocean club)? is this the same font?

It's possible that someone used a typeface for the "ocean club" logo, but the constructs are so easy to draw. (They are actually simplified parallel and concentric outlines, not what most typefaces are about.)

Essentially only three character -- o, e and n.
The c just is cut from the o.
The e was flipped and rotated for the a and b.
The n was flip for the u, and bisected to create the l.

i'm quite sure that the "ocean club" font is not self-made. i think i had it once installed on my system. nevertheless, thanks for all your help!

I know this ID has been credited. But I came across this today looking for something else. I know the a doesn't match.

This is from büro destruct.

> I know the a doesn’t match.

Hell yeah, but everything else matches perfectly. You da girl!

great, thx a lot! swiss party -> swiss font =)