(x) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie logo - custom drawn {Patricia}

Names of either of these would be helpful!




Chocolate Factory looks like it was hand-drawn - those Cs don't match.

I'm guessing Charlie was too.

Tiki Surf is close... thought it may have been a House Industries font. Thanks!

Yes, I looked at House too - I was thinking of Ed Interlock.

I know there's a font similar to Chocolate factory but I can't dig it up right now.
Oh yes - it's Shag Lounge

Actually, Charlie looks like Shag Exotica. Maybe they customized both those fonts for the logo.

I am pretty sure that Jill Bell did the lettering for this.

That's fine for the hand-lettered, customized movie logos, but they're ripping off some commercial fonts on that site.

I agree with Patty on this one. Anyone that uses those deserves what they get as those are crap versions. You want the real deal, hire Jill.