(x) Repco logo - custom (similar to Compacta) {Yves (Lex)}

My brother is a mechanic and we are throwing him a suprise birthday. Because of this we are using the logo of the local parts shop 'Repco' and replacing it with his name as part of a the them for his his birthday. Would anyone know what font this is?


Was this the Repco that you are looking for?

Hope this helps.


Ahh yeah that is it, I do not think my html coding is really up to scratch as I have been trying to get the image to show for the last 20mins. So thank you for that. It is much appreciated.

I do not think my html coding is really up to scratch

Below the box you type your entry in, is the secret html decoder link for "insert image"

Thanks for that. fontplayer, I just tried it out an it works!

Unfortunately this logo looks custom drawn, so I don't know if you'll be able to do the name-swap easily.

I would start with Compacta, oblique it, and add some little triangles as serifs. This would probably get you close enough for birthday joke purposes.

- Lex

Compressor Wedge Serif from T26 is also close.


You could then take back the graphic from Auto Zone and flip the X-axis.