A problem converting OpenType to AAT

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A problem converting OpenType to AAT

Hi guys (and Tiffany), I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to solve a problem I've been stuck on for months now. I may have posted about it before but can't seem to find it now, so am asking again.

I am converting some GPL'd Dravidian fonts to AAT so that the scripts work correctly on my computer, and have been unable to replicate the GPOS mark‐to‐mark and mark‐to‐base positioning features. I would really prefer to avoid creating a huge kern table as there are no tools to help edit those. I basically want to move swaras and vattus around in a context dependant way.

Since I didn't design the fonts and the originators will update them from time to time I'd prefer not to modify/create glyphs of my own.

A sample of the incorrect rendering: