(x) Ian Schrager 40 Bond - Caslon (display version) {Geoff}


wow....thanks !

and i guess he used it also in his newest book publication.

It's a Caslon I'm sure of it, but I don't know which one this is. Caslon 540 seems close off the top of my head.

Caslon BT?

If you see it printed large in today's NYT magazine it's got super thin hairlines

Geoff had it right: Caslon 540

seems like a display version of it, though, but not quite like Big Caslon

If this was for the New York Times, it is probably a custom-property Caslon. The hairlines do indeed seem thinner and the numerals are different. If I recall correctly, Vogue's Caslon was based on Caslon 540, this could be the case here.

New Caslon B from Elsner+Flake has pretty thin hairlines.

clarification: it was in an advertisement in the Times, not editorial. If you see it big on the page, the hairlines are as thin as 72 point didot

thanks, geoff, that might be it

Carter & Cone Big Caslon?

> Carter & Cone Big Caslon?

It isn't Big Caslon, I am 99.9% sure this is a custom Caslon based on Caslon 540*. See attached image for comparsion, the glyph widths of your sample matches Caslon 540.

If you're looking for an exact match, I think you're out of luck. I think Big Caslon would be a great alternative if you're after a Caslon for display. But if you need to match the width of the glyphs exactly, I'd go with Caslon 540.

* The hairlines appear to be thinner but this could be attributed to the pixel-faires but the numeral 4 is distinctive in your sample.

I wonder if they just took Caslon 540 and put a very thin white stroke around it

Flux, I'd say you hit the nail on the head.