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I have a confession to make

I have a slight case of OCD. Although, I'd be willing to bet that most graphic designers do. It is part of the job to have an insane obsession with details. Anyway, as I struggle with obsessing over the details, sometimes it spills over into not wanting wrinkles on my bed or color coding my closet ... and even folding my t-shirts. I received this in my e-mail today and suddenly felt a wave of normality wash over me when I realized that at least I didn't fold my t-shirts this perfectly.




Haha, I was actually telling some girl about that folding method the other day because she loves cleaning like nobody I've ever seen. Now I can actually show her what I was talking about.

Miss Tiffany I think you are right. I struggle between being
too anal vs. free all the time.

That link is awesome; I'm sure to try to do it myself.

I actually fold my own T-shirts the same way. I can get through the whole bundle in about 10 minutes.

I cram my Tshirts in the drawer like a wad of taffy. Only my bezier points are tidy and all rotate the same direction :-)


Martha did that on her show a few months ago:

I was in awe, and yet I still fold mine the messy way. Nice to know the super neat method is out there though.

> not wanting wrinkles on my bed or color coding my closet

That's funny, my girlfriend has the exact same symptoms... but I love her nonetheless :)

"my girlfriend has the exact same symptoms… but I love her nonetheless :)"

Smart man Miguel! :-)
My wife has been putting up with my untidiness since 1969, thank god she loves me nonetheless :-)


My OCD-like symptoms manifest themselves in strange ways. I have to wash my hands every 30 minutes or less, for example. I can leave things absolutely messy all of the time, but the moment I arrange something it has to be perfect. I create "margins" around objects when tidying up my desk. Recently my boss asked me to tidy up a bit, and I replied "I forgive you, for you know not what you do."

There's now a near-perfect 1/4" margin surrounding everything from my phone to the stapler.

...I will be folding everything in my closet when I get home.

Failure is the condiment that flavours success - Truman Capote

Actually I loved the video maybe I'll give that a shot... It will take a long time though... I haven't done laundry in about a month and I have more clothes that Michael Jackson.

:) Mikey

I just watched the video several times until I learned how to do it, and then folded ALL my t-shirts.

OCD? Me?

I've got OCD in my family, but I just have some of the chemical vestiges of it; my problems are different, for the most part. Still, I do find myself-- like someone mentioned above-- careening between unholy tornadic messiness and extreme neatness. When I do swing in the neatness direction, I always have a method, and I'm ferocious about it. Not one speck of dust, not one unwiped spot. Even as a child, I cleaned my room in "rows," kind of like a vacuum cleaner or lawnmower. I still do it-- something about moving along the surface from 0,0 to x,y that just "satisfies"! One of my earliest memories is of picking up bits of lint and placing them neatly in a pill bottle that my dad used for electrical components like resistors and capacitors. Still, I am patient only in bursts (impatiently patient?). I can spend three hours sorting screws on my workbench, but it'll take a few months before I'm ready to do that again (most recently, I spent 90 minutes removing every one of a couple hundred nails from a pile of mostly rotten roof planks). As for clothing, I have folding methods, but I think a lot of people do. What I find curious, though, is that I fold things differently than I used to. Like, my mother taught me how to make a "ball" out of a pair of socks by rolling them up and wrapping the open end back 'round the ball thus formed. Now I just put them together and wrap the end down about an inch or so, just enough to keep them bound together. When and why did that change, I wonder? The only indication that any of this is OCD is that I had to forbid my wife from folding my t-shirts, because her method just got under my skin and I had to re-fold them all. I don't know if she's forgiven me yet ("Fold your own damn t-shirts!" Ok, yes, gladly, thanks dear!)

Okay, I guess I'm sounding a lot more OCD than I thought. Come to think of it, I usually post, edit, and re-post everything I write here about three or four times.


"I usually post, edit, and re-post everything I write here about three or four times."

It sounds like you are the kind of person who would be best suited to defining H&Js in typesetting--as well as a good soul since you would take care of any widows or orphans :-)