Little Hills Serif/Display

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Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Well, if no one else is going to come around, I'll bounce some things back to ye. I'll say I like this quite a bunch. It has character, for sure. My humble opinion:
Maybe lower A bar
Maybe take middle of B higher
Maybe extend bar on EF a little
Bar of G doesn't go
J terminal needs something
Maybe take point of M down a bit
Q could do with more equilibrium, maybe center that tail under the O form (...I might like it if I could see it next to a U)
S too small on top
V and W bottom serifs ought to be bracketed
Y too thin at confluence
I could see this, like, engraved onto a wooden sign outside of a quaint family restaurant or motel, or maybe on the cover of a book I'd like to read.... Don't normalize it too much--keep some of the seemingly odd proportions--because that's where the charm comes from.

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Yea great comments. To add on...from an aestheitc aspect...The C and G is too funky. Doesnt fit in well. The S isnt balanced properly. I would open the top aperture up more and push it to the left. The crossbar on the E anf F can be a little longer. Also the crosspointon the X can be lower (reminds me of Steve Urkel pants). The tail on the Q seems out of place because the design is so classical. And it looks like its barely hanging on. But your consistency is nice. I like where its headed.

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