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Folks, I am new to this thing, just hit a random bit of inspiration/self challenge this week and wanted to attempt a font. Seems many of you are quite skilled at this, so would anyone care to let me know your thoughts on this one?
I'm open to anything - as i said, I know very little about this sort of thing.

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'Fluid' sure reminds me of 'Modula', by Zuzana Licko.
( Well, I like it, but I just wanted to make sure that you 'know' about / are aware of 'Modula', as well. Maybe looking some more, and closer, at 'Modula' and its details, you can get some hints for your type design. )

The characters that would slightly bother me are the 's', because it just doesnt quite fit in with the others and sure seems quite 'cut up'; and the 'e', maybe try to slightly lower the crossbar.


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I like it. It looks fresh and there are some nice ideas behind it.

But you dont have to look at the letters itself but at how do the letters look in combination with others. The u and w for example looks really good but they dont fit in a word.

Look how much whitespace you get when typing those letters.

The same problem appears to be in the r. Below the halfcircle is too much space.

The lower horizontal bar of the t is too short

Bye: Steven

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Thanks for the comments!
Yeah, someone else recently pointed "Modula" out to me as well. I will take a look at this font and use it as a guide to sort of try and get my font to the end of illustration stages.

Steven: Yeah, I think some of these charecters would require soem hardcore manual kerning... the L and the U, for example, could be kerned to the point where the bottom of the L and the tail of the U merged together. In fact, this is somewhat my intention with this font. Making some of the charecters merge together and flow in a "fluid" way. Does that make sense? But yeah, I totally see your point and can imagine the trouble it could cause for some.

Scott Craig
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Oh, and yes, the "S", "K", and "R" really bother me still as well. Still thinking about those and will take a look at Modula and see how it's S,K, and R look.

Scott Craig
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