"Pools By Bill, Inc." brush script and ornate numerals

Please help me identify both fonts.


The top one looks like a slanted Brophy Script


Dunno about the phone #.

That’d be Brody… by Harold Broderson. Don’t know where “Brophy” came from, bit weird.

Seems sacrilegiously skewed in some way.


I'm pretty sure Neville Brody has nothing to do with the Brody typeface -- besides being uncharacteristic of his work he's way too young to have been designing fonts at the time of its original release.

Neville Brody hasn't got anything to do with that script -- the original script by ATF/Kingsley which the Agfa clone Brophy Script is based on is simply called Brody.

Designed by Harold Broderson, 1953.

Edit: Oops, Conor already gave the man credit.