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(x) Looking for the original of the freeware script Chaucer - Ingrid (Ingenius) {Mike F}

Hello everyone!

I found this font on my computer:

I'm afraid it might be a ripoff, and if that is the case I'm looking for the original to purchase it.

Thank you!



The original was a predigital VGC typeface called Ingrid (by Markus J Low, I believe). I have Chaucer and I think that it is a copy of the old Fontbank (defunct) version of Ingrid, which they called Ingenius - but with much better letterspacing.

Hello! My name is Julio Berrio and I am from Medellin, Colombia and would like to download the chaucer font. Can I do this with your permission?

Julio - I'm not finding Chaucer online anywhere for you to download. You might have to get Ingenius instead and fix the spacing yourself.