(x) Eurosport Soccer logo - Yagi Double {Mike Y}

Saw this the other day but didn't recognize the face.

I'm sure it's one of those 1970's-era Letraset faces, but I can't place it. Anyone here recognize it?


This is an old topic, but I'm looking for the Yagi Double font to download for a logo I'm recreating for a customer of my company. It looks like Bald Condensed mentioned that this font might be found online available to download ("Hasn’t stopped anyone before. :^)")

If anyone can help me locate this font, I would greatly appreciate it!


What I meant is that it doesn't have to be available digitally for someone to use it. What did designers do before the computer?

I redrew my logo that had Yagi Double as it's font:

Thanks for the info! :-)


Still curious.

Still dunno. Similar to Fabrizio Schiavi's Virna.

The typeface is Yagi Double. It's shown in the 'Modern Display Alphabets' book by Dover. The typefaces in the book are from the Franklin Photolettering Catalog.

I think we've discussed it here before.

- Mike Yanega

It's also in the 'Art Deco' book of Dover, by Dan Solo.

- Mike Yanega

Et voilà. Great job as always, Mike! :^)

I thought this wasn't available digitally?

Hasn't stopped anyone before. :^)

Thank you, Mike!