Phat Boy

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This one that was derived from another one I am working on. The other one is to be seen here. Be gentle, this is only my second attempt.

Thanks in advance.

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Looks good.
Some of the characters don't seem wide enough like the a, e, h, k, s, m, n and u. I'd probably redesign the w.

I think stylistically the clamp-like shapes your using give the font a very utilitarian/ strong look which really works with the b, d, g, p, q and r. They don't work as well with the h, m and the n. The point on the top of the p seems to work but i think with these letters it's too distracting.

The lowercase o also could be redone so it has a more consistent weight with the rest of the font.

Is there an uppercase? How does it look in text?

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Wow, very nice. That "e" is da bomb.

- I would shorten the descenders.
- The right side of the foot serifs in "f" and "r" should be longer.
- I might tilt the head serifs in "i" and "j" (and maybe "u") downward.
- k: needs more presence.
- o: might actually work!
- r: beak join crappy.
- s: super.
- t: too wide.
- v, w: not enough character. Try bending stuff.
- y: tail too clunky.

BTW, if you make lighter weights, apply high stroke weight contrast.


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