Gentium versions: Smallcaps and Sans serif

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I have taken it upon myself to design a smallcaps version of the OFL licensed Gentium font.
For copyright reasons, it is called GsmCaps for now.

I also made a semi-sans serif version of Gentium, called GsemiSans.

Both were really learning processes for me, and I plan to use them for an upcoming project. I may submit them to SIL, I don't know yet.

Thanks for any comments and critisisms; I am a complete beginner, with no formal training. But I just love typography!

Gentium original:

(Tell me if the PDFs don't work for you, and I know one of the fonts is not serif, but I had to pick a forum.)

GsemiSans.pdf9.55 KB
GsmCaps.pdf22.09 KB
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I think the pdf doesn't work. they both contain one page. On the upper part there are a few letters randomly spread.

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Very nice. If you decide to let the public have access please let me know. Thanks.

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Your work looks fantastic so far. How is this coming along? It's certainly worth completing.

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Any further work on this? Does anyone know if it's been releaesed publicly?

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Unfortunately, I believe I have lost the original semi sans font. The pdf is all that remains. I don't know if anything can be done with the pdf but I will keep looking for the original.

A copy of the smallcaps font is available, probably with some bad kerning errors.


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If there is a pdf available the fonts can be extracted. You'll need to redo the kerning though.

Here I go reviving a thread, but if it helps . . .

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If you know how to do it, have at it.
I've lost all of the files at this point, I believe.

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There are 41 glyphs in GsemiSans.pdf (only a subset of your font). Let me know if you want to restore them. (I believe the font is Open and I can do it)

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