"stay true" tattoo font


I'd much appreciate an ID for this font from a tattoo (tattoo is about 7 cm in length if that's of any help).

Thanks in advance,


cutstom lettered.
; )

Couldn't be, I got it from the tattoo studio's font catalog (you see, unfortunately the tattoo's mine). Im trying to sketch a design to do over it so I need the font, just can't remember the name - think it started with an 'S'....

What, no one has a tattoo font catalog lying around at home?

I think it’s a very odd mix between gothic, antique and grotesque. Not very sharp, either. Very hard to say.

Rounded, modified San Marco. ;-)

i was just making a joke about the fact that the lettering could never be a "font" if it was tattooed by the tattoo artist… it might be based on a font, but… i'm splitting hairs, i know.

anyways… why do you need a font anyway? why don't you just draw the letters, or trace the tattoo, or take a photo and draw it from that. don't be so reluctant to draw them yourself!

: )

if you only knew how many hebrew letters I copied to perfection by hand last semester in typography class :) (1st year graphic design)

Its just really important to be as accurate as possible because of the process the design goes through till it ends up on my arm, and this being a cover tattoo and all.. it needs to be perfect. BUT, Ive searched to no avail so Im opting for the photo and scan option and hopefully it'll be good enough to transfer.

Thanks anyway!

hello! i have a very imprtant question. can any of you "I.D THIS FONT" plz i need help i.d this font!!!!


Ceelo, I noticed you started a thread and Zara responded, but I do agree that it is more than likely custom.

it all goes back to the point that i made about people always thinking that all lettering comes from fonts! usually stuff that's made by hand (like tattoos!!!) are custom designed!

fonts are always made from lettering, but letters are not always made from fonts.

it's not really cool to hi-jack other threads…