Can't beat them join them


The article fails to mention Apple has supported Windows operating system interoperability since PowerPC and perhaps a little prior. There used to be a card that Apple or third party used to sell that allowed Windows to run. There was 486 card and a Pentium card. That was the old days. Then prior to BootCamp we had VirtualPC.
Now Apple is using the Intel architecture (I happen to prefer AMD) and we have access to Windows without any expensive emulation enviros.

Is it the best solution? Probably not.
Does this mean Apple is trying attract more developers to MAX OSX? Yes.
Does this mean Apple will one day try to wave the white flag and merge with Microsoft?- NO!
Is Vista trying to accomplish what MAC OS X does? Yes.
Does Microsoft copy Apple? All the time.


There is no information yet about the abilities of Intel-based Apple Mac computers and whether they will be able to run Vista.