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I'm finally getting into listening to blogs. Truth is, people talking can be whitenoise and usually doesn't disrupt my work. However, I've had a difficult time listening to design blogs, blogs that have information that I'd like to at least kind of absorb. I've finally given in and am finding a way to sort of do it.

These guys are funny and irreverent. Be A Design Cast: #10 Typography Island


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Design Matters
Speak Up: Design Diablog

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Hi Tiffany, here's a few more.

Design Observer
Design Your Life
Advertising/Design Goodness, this one is a photoblog, totally guilt-free!

You're right, they can be difficult to listen/read to, especially Design Observer, difficult to absorb/digest without deep, dedicated reading and thought so I don't really have time to read them often. Somehow I seem to have time to lurk around the Type ID board here... :^)

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While we're listing:

Just keep my site off of your list of good blogs... I've yet to say anything of meaning or importance there yet, and would suprise myself if I did.

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well lessee...

Coudal Partners
Authentic Boredom by Cameron Moll

and, of course,


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