"Security" very condensed gothic sans

Hey amazing experts

Do you have any Idea what font this is? It LOOKS like europa grotesque but its not...

Ideas? Keep em coming



House Gothic

..or maybe not, after all.

I thought so too, Claes, but the 'R' and the 'Y' are different.


yup, i just noticed that too.

Looks like House Gothic Light to me. Of course, that would be the older "Pre 23" version.

Jay Gothic has similarities.

House Gothic has more conventional alternate glyphs for a good number of characters. Lemmecheck my license.

Pfff... Close but no cigar. :^/

Is there a more condensed House Gothic? This could have been stretched out.

- Lex

Nah, there's only the Extended and the Condensed, plus the Text version uvceurz.