Animated and Interactive Typographic Works

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I am currently working on a graphic design education project investigating educational and instructional materials, particularly those known as reusable learning objects, such as Flash movies, interactive or otherwise. I am seeking examples of animated typographic pieces, these could be interactive, artistic and/or educational. As an example of the type of items that I'm seeking, there are some basic interactive animations included under the 'anatomy' section of this site: and an artistic piece here: (to view click one of the lighter moving squares)

If anyone knows of other such sites and would like to share, I'd be grateful. Thanks.

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Well, there’s this Bembo’s Zoo.

Education for a little younger people…

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Thanks for reference. My little daughter liked it too.

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I have a number of kinetic sites, experimental sites and I have a couple of examples of type animations that I like to use to inspire students. I'm not sure if they would be of interest to you, but here they are nonetheless:

Super fun tool to create art with type:

Drawing with type - I love this site!

Playing with type - exploring type:

Expressive/interactive type:

Fun site:

Text Worm:

For all seasons - amazing type:

Music and animated type combine to make typefaces/imagery

Kinetic Typography coupled with sound (Fight Club and Sky, etc.) at:

This is an interesting site, although sometimes frustrating:

Type animation (specifically "Not My Type IV")

Beck's Black Tambourine Video couples type and his music: great inspiration for students

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Andrea, wow! Now that's a keeper list.


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Andi, wiki-fy that list!! Let's see. What could it be called. Paul??

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I'm so pleased you like my list! "wiki-fy" it! I think you just coined a new phrase, Tiff. I would love to contribute to the wiki.

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Yes, the links are of interest. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated. If I find any other links I'll post them here.

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Thanks T - any shared resources are always very much appreciated!

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How about from

I haven't had the chance to experiment fully or implement more interactive type devices in the classroom setting, though would be interested to hear any insights of how some of these resources are being used (successfully or otherwise) by my fellow educators out there.


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Here is my little contribution, T bones. Two or three years ago, I had to create some content for an online course about typography for beginners. All the stuff is currently on an open and distance learning platform and is only avalaible for registered trainees (and everything is in french). But tell me if you are interested and I will send you a login and a password.

You can also have a look at two files posted on my own website. The first one is an attempt to explain the basic principles of page layout to non-designers. It is based on the books of Robin Williams and made in Flash. It is also only in french.

The second one is a small application dedicated to fonts exploration. This one is in french and english. Comments and critics about the content (and about my mistakes in english) are welcome.

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Nice Thierry

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Thanks Thierry!


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Thierry, these are great. Yes, I would be interested in viewing the distance learning platform, despite my poor French language skills. Many thanks, Tim.

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Here's another. Most of the lessons contain simple Flash educational elements:

See also:

(Thierry, time permitting, I will work my way through the exercises, thanks again.)

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