(x) Computer game font - Plasmatic {Mike F}

I have a headache because I can’t find out what this font is.

I’ve been told to “ask in around in the forums at typophile — they seem to know every font on earth.” so that’s what I’m doing.

I have a logo at http://www.johnblackbourn.com/game2.gif and I could really do with knowing what the font is.

I’ve had no luck at WhatTheFont or Identifont, so if anyone here has an idea, please let me know!

Many thanks in advance! :D


> they seem to know every font on earth.

Not “they”, Stephen.


Hopefully Stephen will read this post shortly then… :)


What are your needs? This could easily be re-drawn in Illustrator in about 10 minutes. Along with the other characters. It seems to be an amalgamation (sp) of several different OCR fonts. :|

It’s techno. It’s pseudo-OCR. It’s amateurish. It’s ugly.

I confess — I don’t know what it is.

Why not try this instead?


Re Tiffany — My needs are to be able to create page headings etc for a new website using the same font as the logo.

Re Stephen — I know it’s horrible and ugly, but my client paid a lot of money getting it made by a *professional* logo designer and he really doesn’t want to discard it. Fool, I dare say.
I have a font called OCR-A-Extended which is about the nearest to it.

It never occured to me it could be a mixture of fonts or characters; I think I may have to settle with OCR.

Ta :)

> my client paid a lot of money getting it made by a *professional* logo designer

So maybe those letters are all he designed, and there’s actually no font. If so, offer to make it!


Actually, there is a font. The ‘designer’ gave the public plenty of nice ones but, unfortunately, was responsible for this travesty as well. Who? Ray Larabie.

The font is Plasmatic.

Probably too late for John B, but I’ll e-mail him. Just thought I’d tie up a loose end …

Mike F.