(x) Brazilian newspaper "Agora" headlines - FF Fago Cond {Gabriel (self)}

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I've tried "What the font" but it doesn't seem to match anything. It's not a really big newspaper so I'm not sure it's custom...

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Isn't that one of the FF Meta Headline variants? It looks quite Spiekermannesque...

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Nope, and it's not FF Unit neither.

I think it might be Luc(as) de Groot.

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Definitely not a Luc(as) font.

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One thing we learned at the dinner last night with Alejandro Paul is that there are many, many South American faces that we never see in the North. South American papers and magazines are now much more likely to use homegrown fonts than they did in the past. This may be one.

See Letras Latinas.

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Actually, I think it may be FF Fago Condensed Black, manually condensed a bit more.

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