Hot stencil face on poster from NY gallery

Hi All,
Here is a scan of a poster from a NY gallery I received in the mail. I love this typeface. Does anyone know what it is? The scan is crappy because it was embossed with a laser coating (I can't remember what that type of printing is called).

Any help would be great! Thank you!



What's the gallery? I want to go see the show!

Nice… one day I’ll make it across the big pond and visit NY.

sure its a real nice font,
the R looks awesome, sorry, dont know it´s name !!

You can check out a link to the show at

I'm dying to know what typeface this is. It's making me mental! The poster was designed by Helicopter. I might have to suck it up and just ask them.

If you find out the font, please let us know!

>embossed with a laser coating
Not sure about the S, but tell us what it is anyway.

I just found out it's a custom-made typeface (with no name) and was hand set. It has yet to be made into a full set font.

Great sadness falls over the nation.

I'll be flying my flag at half mast.

Not as elegant but » Oneline AF Regular by ACME