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Helvetica, a film about graphic design in the second half of the 20th century, using [[Helvetica]] as an example to explore various themes.
Linotype, a film about the [[Linotype]] machine.
Making Faces: Metal Type in the 21st Century, a film about the work of [[Jim Rimmer]].
Typeface, a film about the [[Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum]].

CBS Sunday Morning, May 2006 hosted graciously by [[Mark Simonson]]
Goudy in his studio (from
Goudy Home Movie
Berthold Type adverstising
Typesetting: Linotype - 1960 Educational FIlm

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In addition to appearing in quite a few videos himself, [[Matthew Carter]] also designed a photo-typesetting typeface family for [[Mergenthaler Linotype]] in the 1970s, which he called Video. Video was designed to withstand all of the terrible scaling and scrunching that photo-typesetters who do to their type, instead of buying more weights.