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Critique and 'fresh eyes'

Hi there,

This is my first post on this forum, but i've been reading it for some time now. I'm not a very good typographer, so therfor my post.
Currently i'm - pro bono - doing a design on a a logo (+ID) for a charity non-profit organisation. They were called GNSI which stands for Ghana Netherlands Schoolfeeding Initiative. I've already convinced them changing the name in SIGN.

The Identity should:

a. Reflect what they're doing
b. Have a professional (non activism) appearance / and be positive

SIGN's main activities are:
1. nutrition
2. education
3. (economical) developement

I've tried to capture this in the ID by creating a iconic alphabet. The style is referring to schools (and cutout / potato stamps).
The logo is not a fixed logo, but a constantly changing combination of icons and a 'wordmark' (for eg different on letterheads and businesscards). This is because I feel that the icons themself should not represent the organisation. (added two examples of possible logo).

I would appreciate some pointers and critique.

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With your explanation I see what you have done & it makes sense. I even like to look of it. But without the explanation I would be quite confused. Making icons to work in this way is something that rarely works well. Many many ideas resist iconization or rely on cutural factors that change. The idea of econmomic developemet strikes me as falling strongly into this category or 'resitive' ideas. So I don't recommend the icon route. What about making letters out of many symbols like the univelier logo - then you could include much more. What about A sigbn that says 'sign'? It would be confusing but also create an oportunity to talk about what it is. I am sure there are many many other possibilities. Keep going.

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For me I think it's the wordmark that's not quite working yet. I realize that in choosing a typeface for a charitable organization you're looking for something that isn't too cold, however I think something a little slicker would seem more professional and instill more confidence.

Just my thoughts.

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I don't mind it, though I did view the logo prior to reading your comments and concept. My imediate reaction was oh right ... SIGN FACTORY which on reflection is completely off beat.

I certainly don't think the current logo holds much (if any) sense of community or approachability. Perhaps it's just the rigidity of the box.

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