"Lakes" egyptienne from Texas Monthly

... any ideas?


Reminds me of Farao but that's not it.

close – but not really – any other thoughts?

I couldn't find it - did a search for slabserif, egyptian, etc at myfonts but nothing was quite right.

The unbracketed serifs mixed with some brackets ('s') make it a stumper and a good candidate for a custom design. It feels like someone wanted to update Century Schoolbook by removing the brackets and did a pretty good job.

It might help to know the source. Is this a magazine, andres?

It has some relationship with Clarendon... you will noticed that already.

Although not the case, this almost looks as if someone set a, e, s in Century Schoolbook and L, k in Boton or Serifa and then proceeded to customise the forms in an attempt to synchronise the two faces... without sucess, L and k just sticks out like a sore thumb.

yes, it looks like a crude mix.

Yes, it is from a magazine – actually, it's from Texas Monthly – http://www.texasmonthly.com/ – i'm glad to know that it's custom as I was going insane trying to find it. Oh well.