(x) Alternatives to FF Din - various {gang}

Cliché, overused - but I still can't pull myself away from using FF Din light. Has anybody got any suggestions or any pointers to something similar, but different?

Thanks in advance for any help.


There have been 'quite a few' threads with 'DIN' alternates on Typophile, before.
( You may want to search for some of these. )

Until then Ill love to add and recommend 'Malmoe ( Sans )', by Martin Fredrikson.
( Other alternates may obviously be 'Conduit' and 'Aaux'. )


Edit-A-Bit, brought to you by Typophile 'Search'. :)
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Thanks all, Grot Flama looks lovely, Geoff I'm loving Klavika all ready. Formlos, thanks for Malmoe looks nice too - apologies for strating a new thread, I did have a very quick search on 'Din Alternatives' before posting but none of the results shown where related to Din? But to be honest it was probably more 'user error' than anything else.

PTL Notes does look nice, quite condensed though, too bad there's no light or hairline weight. ;^)

I'll have to say Klavika is definite favourite of mine. Today, I had recieved a booklet/newsletter that had been recently redesigned, the type was mostly set in Klavika along with its italic, I hope to see more of it and less of DIN!

CP Company by Schiavi

Claudio Piccinini showed me an intriguing face he was working on last year that would be perfect. I believe he called it "Uninvolved"? I am not sure if he has released it yet but perhaps he is around and can tell us?