Looking for an elegant stencil font

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I'm looking for an elegant stencil font for a logo. I want a stencil font because I like the industrial/handmade feeling it conveys, but at the same time, I don't want it to be too cold. It should be somewhat *a bit* warm and elegant. Yeah, I know that's pretty much opposites. I know I could design it myself, but I've never designed fonts and I'm afraid it would look cheap compared to professional type designers' fonts. If a font like that exists somewhere, I am willing to try it !

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

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BPpong from backpacker.gr (last font in the free fonts section)

George Triantafyllakos - backpacker.gr

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Thirstype's Alexey

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Alexey is way cool Tiff!


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Wow, I wasn't expecting so much answers. Thank you !
(I really like Pochoir and I found Minotype on another thread. Gorgeous!)

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Le Corbusier is quite nice too.

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Pochoir is essentially Dolly Stencil. Nice work, but I wish he'd given Underware credit.

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am i too late? have a look at Pezzo

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Paul, there is something quite lovely about that.

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I know this thread is way way old but I just found this and thought I'd add it...


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Freeeform 721
Virtually identical.

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(As this has been brought up again, I thought maybe I should add to it, as well. :)

'Bunker', by Eduardo Omine.


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Eduardo's work rocks!


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le corbusier is lovely, but cargo in all caps is just gorgeous. there's a poster hanging in zurich with cargo all caps saying "AL PACINO" (its for a cinema reprise of his films), and it works great.

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Thierry, can you get a pic for us?

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Vandermark (from Silas Dilworth/Type Trust)

You'd have to tweak the e and o, but most of the characters already stencil-like disconnections. And it's gorgeous!


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if i am not late - have a look at my font site - if you like something, i'll forward it to your mailbox for free - just to give you a hand...

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I hope it's not to late!


/* Vertex */

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Thierry, can you get a pic for us?

i'm sorry, i did not see your request until now. i will try to remember and shoot a photo of it because i cant find it online.

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It's late - the dogs don't want me to sleep - so I started once again exploring the internet. In tonight's travel's I found


and thought of this thread - so I decided to revive it. Though this is not my choice for "elegant" stencil fonts -- I had to share because it was a nice assortment and you can't beat "free."

Personal choice for an "elegant stencil" would be Glaser Stencil - however, seeing that this thread originated in June of 2006, I think it would be safe to assume that eclectic's search is over...

BTW - does elegant and stencil actual go together?

P.S. Patty, I see you are also a fan of Glaser. My all time favorite stencil - and I try to sneak it in on jobs is House Industries Flyerfont-Reject... it's just, well, adorable!

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What the world needs now: A stencil roundhand called Rosa Stencil, by Georg Seifert.

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