serif text face from the Book of Mormon

Can someone identify this type?



Looks Goudy-esque but the x-height is too high.

Similar to Plantin, too.

Wait, "Nephi"? This is no Bible. It's the Book of Mormon.

I think Goudy Catalogue is your best bet.

It's funny, I remember doing this same exercise as a young LDS boy. Never found it then either. Must be metal or film.

if your search is concerned primarily with function, take a look at the Freight family. the Text series is closer in color, but Micro might serve the purpose with greater efficiency. though not quite as extreme in the x-hieght, it serves much the same purpose. there is also the benefit of an expansive selection and more contemporary feel.

> Wait, “Nephi”? This is no Bible. It’s the Book of Mormon.

Third gen atheist, sorry'boutthat Stewf. ;^)