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Lucian Bernhard - Furniture Designer

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Lucian Bernhard - Furniture Designer

I was aware that in some references on Lucian Bernhard, "funiture design" is listed to his credit, but I had no idea how extensive his training and passion for furniture was until I read parts of this article from PM magazine, March 1936:

"... [Lucian Bernhard] became a member of the Deutsche Werkstatten where he went to work in the carpenter shop to learn how to design furniture constructively. He then found that, in order to plan good furniture, one had to start with the room in which the furniture was to go. In fact, one had to learn not only how a room was built but how a whole house was built. So, there was nothing for it but to study architecture, which he did. Soon he was designing homes, factories and office buildings, inside and out. He designed wall papers, fabrics, hardware, lighting fixtures, rugs, as well as furniture."

I thinks there's a lesson here.