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I am starting type design at the KABK in september. Grrreat!
But by the sound of it, it's incredibly difficult to find a place to stay. damn!
Obviously I can't stay at the hotel for a year, although it would be nice.
So if anyone can give me a tip or knows of a place that will be free in september, please, let me know.


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Congratulations! I've never checked out the Haugue's program, and I would like to visit it sometime soon.

Perhaps your best bet might be to talk to some of this year's students before the course ends in a few weeks. They might be able to give you some leads, or you might be able to move into an apartment that one of them would be moving out of.

Do you speak Dutch? There must be plenty of student websites in the Hague where people place apartment rental notices.


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This should be of use.

Also consider other cities for housing. The Hague isn't much of a university city, so temporary, affordable housing isn't big there. Consider Rotterdam, Delft, Utrecht and Amsterdam as alternatives at travel distance. More exciting cities as well.

Housing in the Netherlands can be a bit of a nightmare, so best of luck.

*EDIT* Just read about the anti-squat housing. This is a great option if you're on a budget and not as illegal/dodgy as it may sound. You can get very comfortable and very temporary living space for a very low price. You'll have to put up with an alternative crowd, but they're not as wild as the word squat might suggest.

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Wow, congratulations, I'm sure it's going to be a great experience.


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I looked into the Hague program a few years ago and still have an interest in attending. My only lead was the anti-squatting living which is pretty much up my alley.

I'd be interested to know what you think of it.

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Hallo Seb,

Do you know the recommendation from one type and media student?

"Even I already lived at several places, also abroad, I am having the most trouble with housing here in The Hague. That's why I place a few notes, helping people not making the same mistakes.

First of all, look for a place to stay very early in advance! This means also to subscribe to lists (student housing or housing pools), because the longer you are on the list and the further you live away the better the chances to get a room. Following a few addresses: - duwo is a student housing organisation with furnished or unfurnished appartments, rooms, studios - kamernet is a housing platform where you have to subscribe to react to ads, it is worth doing it - stroom is an art organisation handling the anti-squat housing in the hague - online mailing list for housing

Housing agencies are also an option, they usually charge one month rent as commission fee. There is one around the Academy which you definetly should avoid. It is PR Housing who are fooling clients. One month security fee is common. Don't pay any rent upfront!

If you bring your car with you, in most streets you have to pay (sometimes till 24:00) and the fine is 45 Euros. You can get a parking license for 6 month for 48 Euros. Be aware of temporary no parking zones, the city will imediatly tow away your car (298 Euros). Keep the car empty and the glove box open."

I guess we'll see us in September

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Thank you all!

I am going in july to look around. Hopefully I will be able to visit a few places then.

Hey, slade, are you saying that you will be in Type & Madia in september?

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Sebsan, congrats!

Slade has made some good suggestions. When I was in The Hague I lived in a DuWo building which was fun experience because I was living with 16 people from 10 countries, but it was a little bit too dormitory-ish and a little more than I wish I was paying for the size of the room. If I did it over again I would have tried to find a place through Stroom or with another anti-squat organization. The city of The Hague has a website that gives students information on finding anti-kraakt housing but I can't find it right now, but that would be something to look for.


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Hallo Seb,

I think I'll be there. I'm on the short list and my application is given to the director. When I have the paper of acceptance (it would be the best day of my life!) I can give you information.


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Hi Andy,
Do you mean there are other organisations than Stroom that deal with anti-squating? (anti-kraakt)

Hi Slade,
I got the same email from the school ;-)
I am also waiting

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Sebsan --

There's also an organization called "Ad Hoc" that manages and rents space in buildings that would otherwise be vacant. I think I found their website, but it doesn't offer much help so I'll try to track down some more information for you.

-- Andy

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Since you came all the way from the US, I was wondering how you organised yourself to find a flat in The Hague. It sounds like a spectacular achievment! I only live 200km from The Hague and I feel a bit lost.
By the way how's life at Hoeflers?


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