(x) Survival Systems Training logo - Univers, Tahoma {Geoff, Stephen}

Please ID


Univers mixed with something else squooshed. :^)

that's Univers (85 I believe) mixed with Verdana Bold. what a pairing!
terribly, terribly ugly.

Could be Tahoma, the narrow sister of Verdana?

Stephen, I think you're right about Tahoma (still squooshed). I didn't realise how similar Tahoma/Verdana were, it was a bit like "oh so that's what Tahoma/Verdana looks like above 12px." I've never really seen them up large nor in print. :^)

Matthew designed Verdana, Tahoma, and Nina to be very much alike. They are essentially the same family in different widths.

Funny/Sad aside: my credit union uses Verdana for their logo!