Legibility stardards for corporate publishing & grading the output

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Legibility stardards for corporate publishing & grading the output

My old eyes, one shot and the other in jeopardy, are frequently offended by hard to read annual reports, created, not to assist in conveying the message, but as monuments to the designers ego. There, I've said it. Somebody had to. I just hope you folks who do the work are not personnaly offended because I need your help.

I need a way to grade the legibility of the reports I get so that I can give reasonable, understanable, non-offending suggestions for improvement. Talk about fonts, serifs, kerning,
leading, and contrast, all comon terms in theoretical discussion, don't hold a candle to eyeball comparison of real copy to a recognized stanard of a known grade.

I need a book of examples of copy that have been graded by thousands of people who put them in order of legibility by saying, e.g., this is better than that, I would need a glass for this, etc. With proper analysis, the pages could be marked as to the percent of that population that would have trouble reading the copy presented for grading.

>>>>>> Does anything like this exist? Are there grading or testing services that I could suggest?

BTW, I have muy screen set to the smallest type size, but only part of the Typophile screen is displayed. I have to cut my line lengths short to keep my copy on the screen. Must it be this way? Am I missing something?

I will be away June 23 to July 7. ===gm===

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Mr. George Mueden, you should consider hiring a typographer for your specific need.
Here is the NYC page : http://typophile.com/wiki/new_york_city