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This one of my latest ones; Suomi Slab Serif. A friend of mine started (h)ranting that American Typwriter is too lanky and had everything much too round and overly polished, so I started buggering about with the idea of Egyptienne/Slab Serif version of American Typewriter...

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Very Nice - It has a casual feel that is seen in all the weights. In studying your pdf I noticed two things that might make you font more useful to designers here in the States. It could use "straight quotes" that I do not seem to see. And I think a vertical flip of the left quotes would also be useful.

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Very Nice - people that are bold from birth dream just as much as everyone else, however, their dreams are formed from their other senses such as touch, smell, taste and sound.

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I love it! Good Job!!!!

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hyvää työtä

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looks so nice! Can I get it for a try? hehe...

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Sieht nach gutem Spaß aus, sehr schön!

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There is already a typeface named Suomi, you may need a name change.

Nick Cooke

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