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I'm working on extending my logotype into a whole font. The A and E will probably be alternates for proper capitals, I suppose. What do you think so far?


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Wow, very nice. I always had a preference for those 'flowery' types. I'm a big fan of Jugendstil and this reminds me a bit of that.
I would make this one type. I think you can mix the lc a and e with the UC.
I love the R.

I'm very interesed in the numerals.


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I would try a different F. That one looks

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cerulean numerals

I had been very fond of that F, in a purely platonic and typographical way. Freud ruins everything.

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Kevin, they are great. I will not criticize the style. I think the irregularities of the type gives it it's charme.
I would maybe only change the upper serif of the UC F a little. It's to agressiv sticking forward. Just a little that you don't see the difference with the UC T.

Perhaps make the horizontal leg of the 2 a little longer. It needs a bit more balance.

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The extent of my progress to date:


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I think this is a rare instance where unicase is justified - and it seems well conceived.

Clotting: I don't see any in the "e" or "P", but there is some at the bottom-right of the "&".

And yeah, the "@" is malformed.


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Gave the VWXY area more curvy flair, made alternate R, tapered stroke of & to unclot corner.


Still working on the issues I have with the @. Thanks for all your help so far.

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These are really beautiful forms, Kevin. I love the new V.

I also liked the old (excited) F, though it somehow didn't feel right; maybe making the arm (is it called an arm?) curve in the opposite direction could work, or even giving it some of the swaying movement of the A. Could make an interesting alt. Or maybe you could take a middle-of-the-road approach and make the F just a little bit excited. That would be nice too.

I might suggest flaring the stem base of the A just a tiny, tiny bit to the right; at the moment, it gives me this feeling that it's one of those paisley amoeba whatsits.

Finally, something about your $ is bugging me; it looks more or less like a speared S rather than a symbol in its own right.

Cheers! I look forward to the completion of this face; I already have some ideas of where I might use it. *sinister chuckle*

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Is your "Commercial At" round enough. Is the left side too flat going round to the left and down? While I admire the R, will you run into some weird spacing issues? The way some of your bowls aren't conventionally shaped, such as the e and the P ... Hrant would maybe call the clotting but I think that is a negative term in this instance ... Should you have more of the rounding or filling in of the shapes in your N and M or X and Y? Do your joins end in too sharp a point?

Very interesting I can almost feel the Art Nouveau coming through, but your shapes aren't Art Nouveau.

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