Hattenbach's Tarocco (MRF): question about small caps

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My questions about Caslon the other night had me comparing various version of Caslon to one another, as well as to other fonts. I hadn't visited Mac Rhino (http://www.macrhino.com/) in a while, so I thought it might be time to look up a font that caught my eye earlier this year: Tarocco.

I was impressed with the lovely .pdf specimen, and I determined that Tarocco's generous x-height and airy (but not disturbing) spacing would serve me well. I decided to throw Stefan Hattenbach a few bucks and purchased the font set. I must say, that .pdf really showcased the font beautifully. It was quite effective! Boy am I pleased. Seven weights, including sc/osf faces as well as some basic ligatuers. Although I would have liked a few more ligatures and some ornaments thrown in, I figured the former was due to the overall spirit of Swedish design (right?), and the latter due to keeping costs reasonable. What a great value.

My question is about the small caps: Maybe I should know better, but there is no Medium small caps set included. It's there for the Roman, however. I prefer to use the Medium for extended text work because (surprise, surprise!) it's a bit more meaty. I have to use the Roman small caps with the Medium. Is this a normal situation? The Roman (non-medium) small caps seem to work well with the Medium, but I still wanted to know whether this is usually a typographic no-no. Or is my eye still the best judge?

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Thanks for your positive thoughts of my typeface Tarocco. This was my first major text face and I've made more ligatures in my later ones (Delicato and Anziano). My intention was to keep it as an original text face for books. These usually don't carry small caps or italic ditto for other weights than the Roman/Regular one.

Good news about Tarocco though. Very shortly I will have another "set of Taroccos" released at Psy/Ops Type Foundry. All weights will carry OSF (redesigned) and some newly designed ornaments.

Regarding your question about mixing weights... I wouldn't say it's a total "No No", but maybe not "normal procedure". On the other hand if it looks good with your eyes. I would say it's ok. I'm sure there are many different perspectives on this one... let's see about other comments?

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Once again, thank you kindly for producing such a great typeface for the rest of us to enjoy.

The Roman small caps seem to work fine with the Medium weight, although I realize it's meant for use with the Roman. And that's alright. The Roman looks great as well. I think the solution (to suit my particular tastes) would be to set the leading a little tighter when using the Roman. And I must admit, the finer details of the font show best when using the Roman, obviously.

I look forward to your next set of Tarocco faces. Thanks again.

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The new Tarocco weights should arrive very soon. Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding my typefaces and such. I'll be happy to asssit (stefan@macrhino.com).


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