Eskela, suggestions?

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hi, this is a serife’d display font, it became such after I realized that there is too many curves in this font to be readable in smaller size, I was just looking for some feedback, and suggestions for the future…


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Alek, I've consolidated your files for you. I've also moved this thread to the Display area for you as you accidentally put it in the Bitmap Display and I'm sure you didn't mean to. If I'm wrong, just yell at me and I'll put it back.

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Can we get a PDF so the letterforms can be judged accurately.

Right now your _s_ and _S_ seem to be falling backwards. Maybe it's a style choice but the relationship of the _n_ to the _m_ is awkward as the _n_ is almost as wide as the _m_.

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davidbailey, thank you for your input, you are completely right. In the beginning I had an "e" and "a" that were falling backward, I replaced them while working… but yeah... ill replace the "n", too in my face now... but "s" im not certain about, really hate working on that character, i avoid that latter….
did a pretty good job too, that character must be taken out from the alphabet… I don’t need it…

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